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Пол : Женский
Возраст : 39
Live in : Япония
こんにちは 韓国語を独学で勉強中です 韓国語は少しだけ理解出来ます 韓国の文化やドラマや音楽や料理とか いろんな事を知りたいです 日本に関心 興味がある方とお互いの言語通じ...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 23
Live in : Мексика
Hi thereMy name is Jaisa, nice to meet you. I m a Mexican 23 years old girl. I would like to meet people from all around the world. My English skills are not really good. But I hope we can be friends ...
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Пол : Женский
Возраст : 46
Live in : Другое
性別・年齢・国籍に関係なくpositiveで長く仲良く友達になれる人のみメッセージください 初めから を強要する人 プロフィールがない人 恋人を探している人はメッセージはご遠慮下さい...
Пол : Мужской
Возраст : 35
Live in : Южная Корея
こんにちは 言語交流 日常生活共有しながら長い間親しく過ごす方と連絡したいです 仲良くなりましょう 안녕하세요. 언어교류, 일상생활공유 하면서 친하게 지내요언어적으로 궁금한거...
Пол : Мужской
Возраст : 47
Live in : Южная Корея
living in south korea. love to listen music during driving a car. do like to eat junk foods and snacks. learned in english long time ago so be generous my wrong expression. good to have a friend who c...
Пол : Мужской
Возраст : 33
Live in : Южная Корея
Hi I m a worker I live in Seoul, Republic of Korea I like games and football and I like to stay at home I usually play mobile games I like FC Seoul in K League 1 I learned English and Chinese, but I a...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 27
Live in : США
안녕하세요저는 이름은 Stephanie입니다 저는 한국말 잘 못해요 미안해요. 아직 배우고 있어요. 좀 더 연습할깨요. 메시지를 보내주세요 Hello my name is Stephanie. I am looking for someone to help me practi...