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Классные друзья по переписке с фото!

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Пол : Женский
Возраст : 49
Live in : США
Hello, I am interested in making new friends from both near and far. I am 49 yrs old and work in healthcare. I look forward to sharing conversations, learning about new cultures, and making some wonde...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 17
Live in : США
hello, my name is ellie and i live in texas in the u. s. i love producing music, listening to music, rapping, dancing, and playing piano i also play many other instruments .i want to make close frien...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 16
Live in : Польша
I will accept any person who is open to many topics. I am thinking about learning Korean, so I will gladly accept any advic...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 47
Live in : Турция
HiMy name s Nimet I live in Istanbul T rkey I can speak a little english I love smile I love movies watching I love cafe Turkish cafe Reading books and music listening. I hope to make friend. I m curi...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 36
Live in : Япония
안녕하세요일본사람입니다언어교환이나 교류를 통해서 이야기하고 싶어요제가 여행을 좋아하는데같은 관심을 있으신 분은 환영합니다오래 사귈 수 있고비숫한 세대인분 연락주세...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 33
Live in : Марокко
salamu alaikum hi everyone my name is aysha im from morroco I speak French in the first degree and subsequently English 50 LOL I wanted to register here because I like to get to know friends from all ...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 42
Live in : Япония
I can only speak Japanese 日本語で会話できる人いますか 札幌に住んでます ๑ ๑ 年下が好きです 連絡マメな人も好き 色 な人と連絡している人 あと生意気な人も苦手です ; 仲良くして下...
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