SHINee(샤이니)- Everybody
14,Oct 2013 06:49 PM
29,Dec 2016 07:50 PM
If you click nickname, you can see more profile information and larger pictures.
Listen, again again again.
Click click^^
i waited for this MV. ^^
i think it's PERFECT!!
i'm Shawol.*^^*
What about you?

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Total comment(s) :48
I love SHINee ^^
jkmh48 | 18,Nov 2013

There are a lot of Shawol there. ^^
senalmh | 20,Nov 2013
I am SHINee World♡
yrcr922 | 15,Nov 2013
Nice. ^^
We are SHINee World! ♡
senalmh | 20,Nov 2013
I love SHINee ♡
suj99109 | 15,Nov 2013
We should be friend. ♡ ♡
Shawol Fighting!
senalmh | 20,Nov 2013
tnrm38 | 14,Nov 2013
Let's say together!
Everybody every everybody! ♥
senalmh | 14,Nov 2013
I am a SHINee world!!
kimkey08 | 11,Nov 2013

i was in SHINee World. i'm in SHINee world now. And i'll be in SHINee World. ^^
senalmh | 14,Nov 2013
hhw600 | 11,Nov 2013
♥ SHINee ♥
senalmh | 14,Nov 2013
Everybody.. everybody.. every every everybody... taemin 오빠 .. ♥♥
sarashi | 03,Nov 2013
i love all. ^^
yeah! everybody every everybody!!!
senalmh | 14,Nov 2013
I love SHINee~♥
orang2in | 03,Nov 2013

We are Shawols. ^^
senalmh | 14,Nov 2013
blueslim | 27,Oct 2013
i got it. ^^
senalmh | 29,Oct 2013
jjysky20 | 29,Oct 2013
Who? him or me?
i'm sorry that i didn't understand.
senalmh | 28,Oct 2013
look like insane
jjysky20 | 28,Oct 2013
k팝 안좋아해요
jjysky20 | 27,Oct 2013
Ilove Key(^^)
mina__e | 26,Oct 2013
senalmh | 26,Oct 2013
SHINee!!! Forever clicking the replay button
kerri93 | 25,Oct 2013
Again again.
senalmh | 26,Oct 2013
very good :)
minmin_r | 24,Oct 2013
Yes, i like them. oh it's not true!
i love THEM!
senalmh | 26,Oct 2013
4fuq up
jjysky94 | 22,Oct 2013
What means?
i didn' understand.
hayali | 22,Oct 2013
Awawawawaw love this guys!they're amazing!the perfection kkk...i'm italian shawols^^ nice to meet you :D
nastiaxd | 22,Oct 2013
Nice to meet you too. ^^
Certainly they're cool. O.o
senalmh | 22,Oct 2013
SHİNee so beautifull...
yildizb | 21,Oct 2013
Certainly. ^^
senalmh | 22,Oct 2013
새 미니앨범 최고~♥ 멋있다^^ 샤이니 화이팅♡
shiiihoo | 21,Oct 2013
예,샤이니 화이팅♡
senalmh | 22,Oct 2013
이번 노래 정말 좋아요♡ 짱짱맨들:D♡♥
gwi ryang 귀량 | 20,Oct 2013
이번 노래 정말 좋아요~~
senalmh | 20,Oct 2013
ellie92 | 19,Oct 2013
SHINee is love.
We'll support and love them.
senalmh | 20,Oct 2013
ı love shınee I am turkish shawol tooo
ezelk | 19,Oct 2013
lol Turkish Shawols, FIGHTING!!
senalmh | 20,Oct 2013
Korea love!!!
SHINee big loveeee!

I'm Japanese Shawol!!!!
shineenn | 18,Oct 2013
We love them!
senalmh | 20,Oct 2013
ryousuke | 18,Oct 2013
senalmh | 20,Oct 2013
I'm japanese shawol.
I love it.
taecluv | 14,Oct 2013
Me too.
I love them. ^^
senalmh | 15,Oct 2013
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