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Пол : Женский
Возраст : 18
Live in : Южная Корея
Hello I am a Korean student who is attending 3rd grade in high school. I want to talk many stories with friends from other countries. If you want to know about the Korean culture, just ask me any ques...
Пол : Мужской
Возраст : 30
Live in : Южная Корея
はじめまして 私は釜山 プサン に住んでいます 名前はDosik ドシク と申します 私はまだ日本語が上手ではありませんが日本語と日本の文化が好きです よかったら是非お友達になって下...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 16
Live in : Турция
안녕하세요 Hello hi My name is zeynep .my korea name eun mi .I m from Turkey .I live in Istanbul. I m 17 years old .My hobbies listen to music ,kpop dance, reading books ,k drama watched and travel. I love...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 33
Live in : Япония
初めまして 日本の大阪に住む 女子です 韓国の音楽や食べ物 コスメ ファッションに 興味があり 登録しました 韓国語は少し理解できる程度です 楽しく会話できる友達が欲しいです 出...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 42
Live in : Япония
안녕하세요. 저는 한국를 좋아서 자주 갑니다. 한국어는 초급이지만 빨리 중급이 되도록 라디오등에서 배우고 있습니다. 저는 회사에서 시스템 엔지니어에서 일 하습니다. 그렇니까 주말...
Пол : Женский
Возраст : 17
Live in : Бразилия
HiMy name is Nat lia, I am a high school student from Brazil, I love music, movies, read, Marvel and Dc. Don t be shy, feel free to talk with me I can speak Portuguese, English and Spani...
Пол : Мужской
Возраст : 26
Live in : Япония
Hi I am Kaul. Half Japanese and half Sri LankanI could speak English and Japanese, Sinhala and little bit of russian tooCurrently i am a medical students, doing my final year I ,Play the guitar finger...
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